When will I receive my pictures?

Your full gallery will be ready one to two weeks after your session. However, a sneak peek will be posted on social media a few days after your session.


What should I expect during our session?

Be prepared to move around a lot (if you are able), as we will most likely change spots with the sun. Don’t worry about posing or smiling. I strive to evoke authentic moments and I often do so by using prompts. Be prepared for this but don’t let it scare you! I will pose you, ask questions, and have you engage in activities that help create natural moments. This will make our session together fun for everyone because we aren’t going to worry about being perfect! The most beautiful images are the ones that are authentic & capture emotion. So just focus on enjoying this family time and connecting with each other. All you have to do is relax and have fun.


What is a Lifestyle Session?

A lifestyle session is somewhere in between documentary & portrait photography. It aims to capture the beauty in your every day in an artistic way.  There is some posing & directing but mostly it is aimed at capturing authentic moments.


What is a Fresh 48 Session?

This session is for those that want to document all the first moments of their newborn’s life without having labor and delivery documented. It is also a great way to document siblings meeting baby for the first time.


How do I prepare for an in-home lifestyle session?

For in-home sessions. Just tidy up the clutter. Your home does not need to be perfect! But having clutter in the areas we shoot will not produce the best result. So be aware of things sitting out.


FAQ – Film

Can I choose music for my film?

Music plays a crucial role in your film and there are a lot of rules as to what can and cannot be used for filmmaking. Because of this, clients cannot pick out their own music. However, I will always listen to your suggestions and I try my best to pick something your family will love! I hope that you will trust in my artistic vision for your film!


How will you deliver my film?

Once your film is completed I will upload it to Vimeo for review. Once reviewed, you may download your video directly from Vimeo.


How long will it take to receive my finished film?

Post-production can be a lengthy process but I do my best to get your film back to you in a timely manner. Post-production takes 3-4 weeks. However, the photos from your film session will typically be delivered in 2 weeks.


How do I share my film on social media?

You are allowed to share your family film on all platforms of social media. If you upload your video and get a notice of it having copyrighted music. Simply dispute or say you have rights/permission to use it. You may also share directly from Vimeo or my Facebook page.